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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.


Westfield Academy by lukenoahangels NC-17
Luke is the popular boy at an exclusive private school. Noah is quiet and shy and has a mad crush on...

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Perfect by blonde R
One-shot. Luke's dissatisfied and Noah reassures him. Fluffy schmoop ensues.


02/08/18 05:12 pm
hi Everyone , have missed you all xx ! Guess what I have new obsession MALEC !!! hope you all had a great Xmas and new year
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Happy New Year.
01/15/18 03:57 pm
happy new years everyone!
01/10/18 09:16 pm
Happy 2018 and happy reading to everyone. There are still so many gems to discover here!
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Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Happy New Year!
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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Hi! FYI - Looks like there may be a spammer by the name of clibin009 leaving "reviews".
10/30/17 07:21 pm
...and right now the Random story is Second Sight by SarahSezLove! Yay!
10/29/17 08:08 am
Hi everybody 😊 It's been a while since I was here, so I'm just gonna snuggle up and read some old favourites and some I missed first time around. As always, a huge hug for Tonya.
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There weren't so many stories from the time Noah was blind. I really wish i could read something real and hot about that time. The real story always shown Luke trying to kiss and touch Noah and being shut down. I would love to see he talking his way in with Noah, explaining that he couldn't see, but he could feel, maybe even more than before. So would be like their first time again learning a new way of being together. 

Categories: None Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: There are a lot less Nuke mpreg fanfics than I would like. I would love an Mpreg fanfic that starts in 2007 where Luke and Noah end up having a one night stand for any reason and Luke gets pregnant from it. I'd love for it to basically follow the Nuke storyline and for them to have a really bad scare when Winston tries to kill Luke. After that you can basically go in any direction you want. I'd love this to be written.
Categories: None Characters: Col. Winston Mayer, Luke, Noah
Summary: I think most Nuke fans are in agreement that 2010 was a terrible year for the storyline. I'd love to see a fic that "fixes" every way that the show went wrong during the last 9 or so months! Examples: explain Noah's anger during his blindness better; give Luke his goals, talents (writing), and passion back; include Luke and Noah's friends and family in the storyline more; and either write the triangle so that it is a real, proper triangle or throw out the whole Reid storyline and write something better! It's your choice! I think it'd be great to see Luke and Noah both grow up, learn how to be together as adults, and get a better and more satisfying ending that ties up as many loose ends from previous storylines as possible! You get bonus points if it ends with an engagement, because that is how their storyline should have ended!
Categories: Complete Series, WiP Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: Noah and Luke but with a Cinderella-esque feel. Do not be traditional. Make it modern. Andbe sure it comes with the nuke ending.
Categories: None Characters: Luke, Noah

Popped into my head after reading blonde's great Old West fic 'Love Thy Neighbor'.  In my review there, I mentioned I would really love to see other time periods with the boys.  Copying my suggestions from there:

'How about the 50's - how adorable would they be?  Or maybe as Civil War soldiers forced into opposite sides of the conflict.  (Admittedly, that one would be super-angsty).  Or for lighter fare, the Disco Era!  Though, we've all seen dancing Noah - that might have to be a comedy.'

I know there have been several fics in the Victorian Era, based on that episode.  I also loved Aspirwriter's Vietnam Era piece, 'Shut Your Eyes'.  So, what other time periods should be tackled?  Would love to see what the amazing writers here can come up with. :)



Categories: Complete Series, WiP, One Shots Characters: Luke, Noah

Either Luke wins an award for his writing or Noah wins an award for his kick ass film, the guys are going to an award show ceremony. Either together as a couple or as each other's competition/enemy. There's a fine line between love and hate after all. 

It can be an Oscar like show or something as simple as an Oakdale University student thing but they both have to be there with some family support. TWIST: Winston isn't evil and Charlene isn't dead.

If you choose to have them be famous, let them deal with fans and press and maybe some haters.

Work in whoever you want but endgame has to be Nuke.

Categories: WiP, Drabbles, One Shots Characters: None
Summary: How about Noah is still closeted and trying his hardest to remain that way. Luke, on the other hand, is either out or at least more likely to accept his sexuality than Noah. Anyway, either intentionally or unintentionally Luke starts chipping away at Noah's closet door. Seduction and jealousy would play a major role and, of course, a good bit of angst. There needs to be a lot of almost-moments to spice things up and maybe a beard or another gay guy making Noah jealous. Ultimately, they need to end up together though!
Categories: None Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: I always wanted an AU fic where Luke or Noah is The Doctor and the other is the new companion, fall in love, argue about how The Doctor lives forever and love is impossible, but still fall in love! Anyways, if someone can do this...I will love them forever.
Categories: WiP, One Shots, Drabbles, Complete Series Characters: Luke, Noah

I would like to see a story where Luke and Noah's love is forbidden.  For example, they could meet at camp that deprograms gays, or maybe both of them join the military and meet there.  Those are just two suggestions.  I would also love the fact that they meet, they can't have previous knowledge of each other.

Use any additional characters, warnings, timelines, etc.  I just request that it be a multi-chapter.


Categories: WiP Characters: None
Summary: Post-finale. Noah comes home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas and the boys reconnect. I'd love it to be sappy and sweet!
Categories: WiP, One Shots, Complete Series Characters: Luke, Noah

Whether you love them or hate them, Mpregs are a category of fanfiction that most people have a strong opinion about. I believe that any genre can be entertaining if the story is written well. That’s why I have issued this “Luke and Noah Have a Baby” challenge to all of you extremely talented writers here at nukefic.com. 


                                                             photo Nukempregchallenge1_zps1d8d121d.jpg


Let’s keep the Nuke fandom alive and kicking by doing something a little different. Using this artwork as your inspiration, you are to write a drabble, one-shot or a multi-chaptered story of any length about Luke and Noah having a baby. The minimum requirement is that either Luke or Noah must conceive a child.That means no adoptions or surrogates allowed.

This gives you a very wide range of possibilities. For instance if you aren’t comfortable with the subject matter you can write the story as a Dream Sequence or a Science Fiction yarn. For those of you who feel like you don’t want to get into writing nine months of pregnancy and a child birth scene, don’t worry, your story can be as simple as the boys announcing they are expecting and the next scene could be of them bringing their baby home.

You guys have wonderful imaginations and however you choose to write it, I’m sure you can come up with an awesome story. There is no deadline or posting schedule, but I hope we can read a few of these fabulous stories soon. Thanks in advance for participating and Happy Writing.

Categories: WiP Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: My month off after five years of mayhem, is spent lazing on my balcony and (re)reading Nukefic. Revisiting the many beautiful stories that came from the Noah in the Rain challenge, I started to wonder what the opposite would yield from the talented writer-peeps here. So I came up with: Luke in the Sun. There's really only one rule (well, okay, maybe two): Noah has to be in the story somehow, and Nuke is the endgame, whatever way, shape or form that may take. Other than that, write as you please. Can't wait to see what you guys might come up with. And I guess I have to start thinking of something myself, huh? :-)
Categories: None Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: I'd love a fic of Luke thinking about the day that he met Luke. Maybe he and Noah have just reunited in LA and Luke decides they should celebrate... or maybe the anniversary is what inspires Luke to show up in LA to rekindle their relationship! It's your choice!
Categories: NukeFic Prompts > Anniversary Fics > June 1: Noah's First Day Characters: Luke, Noah

Seeing as gay marriage has just been made legal in New York, I was wondering if anyone would accept the challenge of writing a Fic with it in.

Categories: WiP, One Shots Characters: None

I have a plot and I know where I want the story to go, but I can't write it. So if anyone would like a plot idea - it can be as flexible as any writer would like really - then I have one. I'm guessing it would be quite long. Otherwise I'm up for co-writing it. It's a crime/thriller type story.

Categories: Complete Series Characters: Damian, Holden, Lily, Luke, Noah, Original Male Character

So @ Nuke's Corner, Cris posted a picture of a guy similar-looking to Noah dressed in office-work apparel, carrying his suit jacket and running through the rain. 

Update: Seajellybaby created a Noah!version of the pic, posted below. Thanks, Gill! :D

Cris then proposed this amazing fic idea:

"I want an office new boy Noah caught in the rain and boss Luke drives by and rescues him kinda story :D"

Office Noah Caught in Rain

That gave me the idea for a a Nukefic Lil' Bang (as opposed to LJ's Big Bang).  I think it would be cool if a few (or a lot!) of us write this as a drabble, one-shot, or multi-chaptered fic (your choice), to see what each person comes up with from this idea.  There are no deadlines or rules to speak of (other than Nukefic.com's existing rules).  Do it up schmoopy PG-style, or smutty NC-17, or whatever floats your boat!  Write your own, or collaborate with your friends! 

Hope some of you will take up this challenge - would love to read a bunch of these! :D

Categories: Complete Series, WiP, One Shots, Drabbles Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: So after Nic's very well received 'Noah in the rain' challenge I thought it was about time for another. The pic is below. You can write what you like: a one-shot, a drabble, poetry, or even a multi-chapter fic if the fancy takes you! ;-)
Noah On The Beach

Categories: One Shots, Drabbles, Poetry Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: What would have happened if Noah was already out-and-proud when he first met Luke?
Categories: NukeFic Prompts > Anniversary Fics > June 1: Noah's First Day Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: Set during the current storyline. I'd love to see a fic where someone fleshes out Noah's storyline a little more. I'd love to see him struggle with the idea of moving to LA (and thus giving up on Luke). I'd love to see something where the talks about his feelings for Luke (and Reid) to either Alison or Casey. Really, I just want to know what he's been up to for the past few months and how he feels about everything!
Categories: One Shots Characters: Noah
Summary: I'd love to see fics from Noah's point-of-view on meeting Luke. What was he thinking in that very first episode on June 1st? Was he instantly attracted or did he just think Luke was a brat?
Categories: NukeFic Prompts > Anniversary Fics > June 1: Noah's First Day Characters: Luke, Noah

On a show with 20 eligible bachelors, Noah will try to find the 'one.' Luke is on the show unwillingly. Will love still conquer all?

Please be creative. Anyone can answer :) (Oh, and someone just told me that this was on the other site... Well, I guess you can continue from where wiki left off (James, Adam, and Luke are left)... Or you can start from the beginning!)

Categories: None Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: During the Sept. 16, 2010 episode Noah made a comment about Luke liking a hot dog place in Los Angeles. I'd love a fic set in the past that explains when and why Luke and Noah went to L.A. together!
Categories: Complete Series, WiP, One Shots Characters: Luke, Noah
Summary: Noah is a soldier serving in Afghanistan. He becomes pen pals with Ethan Snyder through a school project. Luke and Noah meet for the first time when Ethan invites Noah to visit the Snyder farm when he comes home from his last tour of duty. Noah is instantly smitten but Luke is trying to recover from an abusive relationship and he is terrified of dating or falling in love again. I would love to see the following included: 1)the Snyders, especially Ethan, play matchmaker for the boys; 2)when Luke's ex shows up and tries to force Luke to come back to him, Noah confronts the guy and beats the crap out of him.
Categories: None Characters: Casey, Emma, Ethan, Holden, Lily, Lucinda, Luke, Noah, Reid
Summary: In the city of _____, Noah and Luke work together in a ______ company as friends. Noah has a secret though; he's a superhero/superman. Loosely based on any superhero story! You can change it up as long as one is a superhero and both fall in love. Be creative! :)
Categories: None Characters: None

Ok it would be so cool if a story was like Twilight. Like Luke Reid and Noah are in highschool. Noah is a freshmen then Luke and Reid are juniors. Then Luke an Reid go to YOs then start drinking then Reid passes out and Luke brings him home. Then Luke is lost  in a alley and seniors that go  to his school start beating him up and Noah saves him. Then Noah falls for Luke and then the next day he see Reid and Luke kiss and he stars getting jealous. Then Luke starts wanting noah to hang out with him then finds out Noahs a wearwolf with a really bad temper

Categories: Complete Series Characters: Noah