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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.
The Darkening Skies by drivencrazy R
Luke knows he'll need to fight for Noah. He has a few ideas.
Our Love Is Stronger by no1nukelover PG
Luke and Noah are about to see each other for the first time since Noah left for LA! Let's see how this goes!
A Different Kind of Family by SarahSezLove PG
A single sentence makes Noah question what kind of family he and Luke can make together. An abandoned kitten may just hold the answer.
The Other Man by jb1183 PG-13
Noah arrives home from a tour in the Army a few days before Christmas and sees Luke with another man.


New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.

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Maybe Someday by Eddie NC-17
Everyone's chasing after something, whether it's a dream or a person. Luke Snyder is running from an...


08/16/17 09:15 pm
❤️Ten Years!❤️ Just spent a lovely time reading - and I have already spotted a couple of fics I have not read before which are next up on my reading list!
08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
08/15/17 11:12 pm
Sorry about that latest spammer, guys. I've taken every measure I can find to prevent spam & it has definitely reduced it but there doesn't seem to be a 100% fix.
07/25/17 04:18 am
Been a while and I come in to find all these lovely layouts... and 10 year! Thanks for all the hard work.
07/14/17 11:56 am
The mail system is fully switched now. So my email & all site emails are working!
07/13/17 03:25 pm
Hi guys, I'm making some changes to how email on this site works. While things are switching over, my email and this site's auto emails may not work. It should take a few hours max.
European Orchid
07/05/17 01:52 am
New spam account is locked and reviews will be removed. Happy tenth aniversary Nukies! This site AND TONYA rocks and I love you guys to bits!
06/15/17 09:45 pm
Ten years...wow! Very cool Tonya - thank you. I look forward to exploring the new layouts!!
06/14/17 05:34 pm
I hope you all like the new layouts! :)
06/06/17 10:39 am
Congrats to Tala Ashe (Amerra) on joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow!
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Genres: AU: Victorian Christmas


How Victorian: At University

Author: neddiheht
Ratings/Reviews: PG [Reviews - 80] starstarstarstarstar
Summaey: This is a rewind story to give background to the Victorian Christmas episode and my subsequent Victorian Valentine story.
Category: WiP
Characters: Col. Winston Mayer, Damian, Kevin, Lily, Luke, Noah, Will
Genres: Angst, AU, AU: Victorian Christmas, Drama, Gapfiller
Timeline: AU
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 10 | Status: No | Words: 16671 | Read: 6407

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Published: February 17, 2012 | Updated: May 26, 2014

Perfect Freedom

Author: emmamch
Ratings/Reviews: NC-17 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar
Summaey: Luke and Noah at University during the Victorian era.
Category: WiP
Characters: Dusty, Luke, Noah, Tom
Genres: AU: Victorian Christmas
Timeline: - Past
Warnings: - No Warnings Required
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Status: No | Words: 1107 | Read: 187

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Published: February 13, 2011 | Updated: February 13, 2011

The Grand Tour

Author: Veronica
Ratings/Reviews: PG [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar
Summaey: I wanted Victorian!Luke and Victorian!Noah to have a happy ending ::shrug:: So sue me *g*.
Characters: Luke, Noah
Genres: AU: Victorian Christmas
Timeline: - Past
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Status: Yes | Words: 2078 | Read: 1691

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Published: January 08, 2008 | Updated: January 08, 2008

Victorian Valentine

Author: neddiheht
Ratings/Reviews: PG-13 [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar
Summaey: An attempt at continuing the tidbit of the Victorian Christmas for Luke and Noah. Luke has just found out during a Christmas visit that his old University friend Noah Mayer is to be engaged to the daughter of a family friend. Luke dismisses their closeness at school and asks Mayer to drink with him to marriage, as they are growing up and such closeness is but part of youth. This continues the story after Noah leaves the Grimaldi house for the holidays.
Category: One Shots
Characters: Casey, Dusty, Lily, Luke, Noah, Tom
Genres: Angst, AU, AU: Victorian Christmas
Timeline: AU
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Status: Yes | Words: 1664 | Read: 886

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Published: February 15, 2012 | Updated: February 15, 2012