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I'm working on enabling CloudFlare on this site. This should help make this site safer, faster, and it should even help add another a layer of SPAM-protection.

I've switched sites over to Cloudflare with few issues before but I'm bit worried that the script this site uses might have some issues due to its age and lack of recent updates.


Hopefully everything will go well but if you see any issues or notice anything not working, be assured that I am working on it. It might take me a few hours to troubleshoot but I will make sure everything is working as quickly as I can!


Also, I apologize for some of the recent and awful ads on this site. I just went through and blocked the network that was responsible for the worst ads. I also changed what categories of ads can be shown on this site (so no more politics or gross health ads).

If you continue to see any ADs that you think are gross, disturbing, or offensive please let me know so I can block them!

by Tonya on August 22, 2017 12:56 pm

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