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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.
The Darkening Skies by drivencrazy R
Luke knows he'll need to fight for Noah. He has a few ideas.
Our Love Is Stronger by no1nukelover PG
Luke and Noah are about to see each other for the first time since Noah left for LA! Let's see how this goes!
A Different Kind of Family by SarahSezLove PG
A single sentence makes Noah question what kind of family he and Luke can make together. An abandoned kitten may just hold the answer.
The Other Man by jb1183 PG-13
Noah arrives home from a tour in the Army a few days before Christmas and sees Luke with another man.


New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.

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Alone Time by Chelsea Frew R
AU. What if Valentine's Day had come and Luke had still been in the wheelchair? This might have happened...

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❤️Ten Years!❤️ Just spent a lovely time reading - and I have already spotted a couple of fics I have not read before which are next up on my reading list!
08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
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New spam account is locked and reviews will be removed. Happy tenth aniversary Nukies! This site AND TONYA rocks and I love you guys to bits!
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Ten years...wow! Very cool Tonya - thank you. I look forward to exploring the new layouts!!
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Reviews For Days Like These

Name: European Orchid (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2012 06:55 am · For: Dealing or Just Coping
I love this story. I keep hoping for Luke to miraculously have his legs back and I am SO. VERY. HAPPY. you are not giving me that but sticking to a sense of reality. It makes this story even better!
And I have to ask: the name of the horse: River Song. Is that a Doctor Who reference?

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I wanted to keep it realistic and not have Luke get some miraculous cure. I'm glad you liked that angle. And yes - I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and that character!!

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: August 01, 2012 11:12 pm · For: Days Like These
So worth another read! Never tire of reading this Anne x

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Lou! You're always so supportive of this story. Thanks so much and don't ever change <3

Name: bebe11 (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2012 07:49 pm · For: New Beginnings
Awesome story and series! I loved it all. I loved how loving and devoted Luke and Noah are to each other despite all they've gone through. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the series x Yep - they certainly are devoted to each other and belong together inspite of everything. Thanks so much for the comments and for reading xx

Name: bebe11 (Signed) · Date: July 13, 2012 09:31 pm · For: Dealing or Just Coping
Such a sweet story and series. I love it!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying this series and you liked the story. It was the first Nuke story I ever did and it still means so much to me. Thanks for reading!! x

Name: bebe11 (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2012 08:26 pm · For: Days Like These
Such a sweet story! I had tears in my eyes! Love it!

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the story so much xx

Name: Arctic_Lizard (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2012 09:21 pm · For: Days Like These
This one hurts. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading. Glad you enjoyed the story so much. Its hard that Luke is still in a wheelchair but their love survived no matter what. Thanks again for reading and sorry about the late reply. For some reason Nukefic stopped letting me know about new reviews :)

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: April 25, 2012 02:50 pm · For: Days Like These
Perfect ending

Author's Response: Thanks so much Lou! Glad you enjoyed another reading x

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: April 25, 2012 02:39 pm · For: Days Like These
What a great chapter Anne!!! x

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2012 02:51 pm · For: Days Like These
So worth another read! x

Author's Response: Thanks Lou! Glad you enjoyed another read x

Name: hollyoaks1021 (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2012 02:27 pm · For: Days Like These
Finally I managed to get this read. It's been on my list for so long.
I loved it Anne. I love how Luke managed to overcome his disability with the help of a devoted Noah who never gave up on him. Even on the few occasions when Luke pushed him.
I was happy to see Laura appear in the epilogue and with a partner too and the wedding was a perfect ending.
10 out of 10.

Author's Response: Aww thanks Sally. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story so much. It was hard for both of them... but they made it through together in the end. Even though there was no miracle cure for Luke they are still so much in love. Glad you liked the ending! Thanks again. Anne x

Name: SarahSezLove (Signed) · Date: March 28, 2012 02:01 pm · For: Days Like These
Oh my God! Luke's despair is palpable!
I'm hooked :)

Author's Response: Ah thanks Sarah! It's such a hard situation for Luke and for Noah. Hope you like the rest of it x

Name: Pheonixslash (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2011 09:36 pm · For: Days Like These

Ok so yeah they are happy and it was a really haert warming story but goodness that sucks.  Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for reading and for commenting! It means a lot that you continued to read the story, I know that Luke being left permanently in a wheelchair can put people of reading and you're right it does suck but I wanted to concentrate on the love that they shared despite the obstacles of Luke being in the chair.

Thanks again! 


Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2011 12:08 pm · For: New Beginnings

Oh Luke, you naughty naughty boy! LOL  Poor Noah trying to talk to Holden during a moment like that!

I knew Luke would be a great mentor to Martin.  He is wonderful!

Loved the demonstration, but Mrs. Powell needs to get over herself and remember this is about her son, not her!

Author's Response:

Love me some naughty Luke!! No wonder Noah was flustered lol

Mrs Powell certainly has got some backarseward ideas - she does need to remember that Martin is the one that needs all the help he can get.

Glad you liked it!!

Thanks again x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2011 11:57 am · For: New Beginnings

I am loving Martha!  She seems to be one sweet lady, and I think she could be a great friend to our boys if given the chance.  I love the description of an older Lucinda Walsh!  That makes me love her all the more since Lucinda is one of my favorite characters!

The bedroom scene is very touching.  Noah knows it's been a difficult day for Luke and he needs reassurance.  Noah is right there for him, just like he always is.

But that last scene has me worried.  After everything they've been through, the last thing they need is for another idiotic bastard like the Colonel to stalk them or break into their apartment.  It's obvious something is going on.  Otherwise Harvey wouldn't be so agitated.  I hope nothing else happens to them.  They deserve a little happiness for once.  

I just love your stories!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for commenting!

Lucinda was one of my favourite characters too. Just loved any scene that she had with either of the boys or both (thinking mushroom hunt here!)

Noah always seems to know what Luke needs... and is willing to provide it.

Mmm... just what is bothering Harvey?

Thanks for your wonderful comments

Anne x 

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 07:30 pm · For: New Beginnings

Another great start to what will undoubtedly be another wonderful story.  Love the way Luke has grown so used to the pool that he actually looks forward to it and jokes around while being hoisted in.

The scene where Noah forgot his camera was funny.  You captured their personalities wonderfully, as always!

And Martin is going to benefit greatly from his wonderful mentor.  Luke knows what it's like.  He was right where Martin is now, and he can help him adjust to his new normal.  So proud of him!  I know it's bringing up a lot of sad memories, but he has a wonderful husband to help him through it.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much Nita! Glad you liked the start.

They have both come a long way in this story since the beginning of the series. Luke is getting more and more used to living his life in a wheelchair. He will make an excellent mentor. Like you say he has been exactly where Martin is now. And Noah is always so supportive of his husband.

I love these little scenes where they are just doing day to day things; sometimes its where their love shines through the most.

Thanks again!

Anne x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 05:52 pm · For: Dealing or Just Coping

Wow!  This is an amazing ending to another great story.  From the nightmares, to the absolutely wonderful wonderful idea Claire had, to the encounter with Todd, and finally getting Luke back on a horse and his wearing his ring once again.  There is nothing about his chapter, or this story that isn't wonderful.

Great job!  

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! Your continued support means so much - its really appreciated it.

So glad you liked the chapter and the whole story so much! I think the horse riding scene and the bath tub scene are two of my favourites from this story.

Thanks again!

Anne x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 05:41 pm · For: Dealing or Just Coping

I loved the scene in the doctor's office.  That was just totally Luke and Noah!  I love the silly banter between them and you captured it beautifully!

I knew I didn't like Todd, and now I like him even less!  Like luke said, he doesn't know a thing about their relationship, and he should keep his thoughts to himself!

And yet another hot and sexy love scene.  You continue to amaze me!

Author's Response:

Oh wow Nita *blushes* Thank you so much. Glad you liked it.

I could just picture them in the Dr's office. I loved writing that scene.

Todd should just mind his own business.

Glad you liked the sex scene ;)

Thanks again!

Anne x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 01:23 pm · For: Dealing or Just Coping

I love the whole idea of the stables.  It sounds so Luke!  

Feel so sorry for Noah.  He wants to be with Luke, but he's being pulled in other directions. 

He seems to be getting more comfortable in the sessions with Claire.  Hopefully they will help him work through everything that has happened.

Ok, I'm not so sure I like Todd as much now.  He should have called Noah.  Even if Luke was being Luke and told him not to, Noah should have been notified that his husband was sick.  Just something about him I don't like.

The last scene was so touching.  Great job, Anne!

Author's Response:

Thanks Nita! So glad you liked this chapter.

Yeah the stables is just something I felt Luke would do especially with his upbringing.

Poor Noah - those sessions are really bringing out some difficult emotions but its good that he can work through them with Claire.

Mmmm Todd?

Glad you liked the last scene... I wasnt really sure about it so I'm very pleased that you thought it worked.

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 06:23 am · For: Dealing or Just Coping

Anne!  You made me cry!  This was just such a sad chapter.

I'm so glad you showed how all this hasn't just affected Luke and Noah, but the entire family.  Poor Faith had to find out from someone outside the family what really happened, and she lashed out.  I just hate Noah had to be the one hurt when she did it.  But just like always he had Luke, Emma and the rest of the famly to support him.  They all love him so much.

The Noah/Faith/Luke scene was simply beautiful!

And I love the idea of the wedding ring on a chain.  Just perfect!

Great chapter!

Author's Response:

Sorry Nita! Didnt mean to make you cry.

Poor Noah to be on the end of Faith's frustration and anger. Glad the family was there to support him. They do love him and they know that he isnt to blame for his father's actions and they can see just how much him and Luke are in love.

Yeah - i thougt the wedding ring on a chain was such a Noah thing to do.

Glad you liked it and thanks for your support. It means a lot. x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2011 06:08 am · For: Dealing or Just Coping

So glad Noah is getting some help to deal with everything he's been through.  I think Luke might need some counselling as well.  They've both been through hell.

Knowing how independent Luke has always been, I'm wondering how he feels about having a Personal Assistant.  It had to be a hard pill to swallow for him.

Looking forward to some farm time.  I always love when the two of them are with the family ;o)

Author's Response:

Thanks Nita! Sorry I'm late in replying... only just realised you'd commented on this. My bad!

Noah certainly needs help overcoming the trauma of his childhood and what they have both been through together.

I'm pretty independent too, like Luke and it's really frustrating having to rely on a Personal Assistant. It takes time to get to trust someone enough to do those things.

Always love them at the farm... a place of some special memories.

Thanks Anne x


Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2011 06:40 pm · For: Desperation

OMG how awful for them to have to go through this, but at least they were together, and the bastard is dead (at least we hope he won't come back from the dead in typical soap opera fashion).  

I felt sorry for Holden here.  He has to be worried sick for both his sons.

And that scene in the hospital bed was touching beyond words!  Great job!

Another great story from start to finish.

Author's Response:

Thanks Nita. Glad you liked the story! And I have to say that I'm amazed that you're reading all of these in one go!! It means so much! Thank you <3

They really needed each other to get through this; their love is so strong. And no... Colonel Mayer will not be making an appearance again. He will stay dead and buried!

Poor Holden - he certainly would be worried for both of them. Noah is just as much a part of the family as Luke is.

Glad you liked the hospital scene. I think the terrifying experience they had been through finally hit home to them, especially when it was all over; Luke in particular.

Glad you liked it! Your comments are really appreciated.

Thanks Anne x 

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2011 06:16 pm · For: Desperation

Shit!  I hate that evil bastard more and more with every story I read about him.  Hasn't he done enough to our boys?  Geeeesh!

Poor Luke!  Already paralysed and now his hand is injured as well.  That's going to make things so much more difficult. 

And Noah having to call Holden.  I know that had to be a difficult call.  He's missing his husband, terrified about what's going on, and in the middle of it he has to call and tell Luke's dad what's going on. 

Loved the flashback, and so glad that Noah finally found him, but DANG you can't leave it like that! LOL

Author's Response:

Yes... the Colonel is one evil bastard and will stop at nothing to get Luke away from his son.

Luke is going to find it really hard having to cope with an injured hand, you really come to rely on your hands and shoulders when you're in a wheelchair just to move about.

Poor Noah. Like you say... not only is he worried for his husband; he also has to call Holden and let him know whats going on.

Sorry... left it at another cliffhanger. Must have been feeling really wicked that day!

Anne x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2011 06:03 pm · For: Desperation

Oh Crap!  Not Colonel Psycho!  I should have known!

Ok, Give me just five minutes with that police officer.  He desperately needs some instruction on how to treat the people who pay his salary, no matter who they are.  It pisses me off so much for someone to act like he did!

Poor Harvey.  He has to be terrified.  

Poor Noah.  God I know he is so scared and is wanting his Luke back.  At least he has friends to see him through.

And poor Luke.  He has to be so scares, once again having to deal with the man who put him in the chair.  I feel so sorry for our boys!

Author's Response:

Oh yes... Colonel Crackers is back.

Poor Noah to have to deal with the homophobic officer as well as having Luke missing.

It's a terrifying situation for both of them... poor boys!


Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2011 05:54 pm · For: Desperation

I feel for Noah here.  First, after all these years, he still has to live with what the Colonel did to him, and his insecurities really show during events like this.  He needs to realize what a wonderful man he is in spite of what Colonel Psycho did to him and Luke!

Luke is going to make a great mentor.  

OMG what happened to Luke?  I hope he's ok.  Poor Noah.  He's so scared, and I don't blame him. 

Great job, just like always, Anne.

Author's Response:

Thanks Nita! I did a bad thing and left it on a cliff hanger didnt I?! Sorry!

Poor Noah... the Colonel has given him some pretty deep scars to deal with.

Thanks so much for reading all these together... it's really appreciated.

Thanks Anne x

Name: buttercup (Signed) · Date: July 17, 2011 02:00 pm · For: Days Like These

So happy Laura has someone in her life.  Marcus sounds like a wonderful man. 

OMG the cowboys and indians scene was priceless!  That was just too funny!  And of course Noah still has his craving for Emma's sweets! LOL

You can NEVER go wrong with a good Holden/Luke scene as far as I'm concerned.  I just love Holden, as you well know.  Loved this one!

The Noah/Nat scene was great.  Very touching

The vows were beautiful ;o)

I was kind of surprised they had dancing at the reception, knowing Luke couldn't participate.  But then, knowing Luke it was probably his idea so everyone would be able to enjoy themselves.  Just felt sorry for him.

And the love scene was beautiful and touching.  Great job.

Awesome story overall!


Author's Response:

Thanks so much! I'm really amazed you read the whole story so quickly and thank you for commenting and rating. It means such a lot.

Marcus will be really good for Sarah; he's kind and understanding.

I could so picture the comboy and Indian scene when I was writing it... it made me laugh!

I love Holden especially when he's interacting with either Luke or Noah or both!!

Glad you liked the vows and the scene with Nat.

I imagined that Luke would want people to enjoy themselves at his wedding, including dancing. I've been to weddings and partys etc and I wouldnt have wanted people not to dance just because I was in a wheelchair. It is difficult to watch sometimes though.

So glad you have enjoyed the story!

Hope you get a chance to read the rest in the series at some point.

Thanks again Anne x


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