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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.


Westfield Academy by lukenoahangels NC-17
Luke is the popular boy at an exclusive private school. Noah is quiet and shy and has a mad crush on...

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The Dubiously Awesome Adventures of the Pampered Prince of Oakdale by ficnic PG-13
A Nuke fairytale.  Holden seeks the help of a healer when his royal son becomes a royal pain.


10/20/17 01:47 pm
@mldent1 - I think Hotmail is blocking my emails to you. I just tried sending from another address. If you didn't get your temp pw, please email me from a non-Hotmail address & I'll send again
10/08/17 06:19 pm
Thanks so much for pointing that out @painfullystoic. I've removed the account and deleted all the SPAM reviews.
10/07/17 10:39 pm
ewuser.php?uid=4709 is posting spam on people's stories, in the comments. Also cool new site. :D
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[Reminder, Pt 2] If you've checked your SPAM folder & still can't find the email (or if you've changed emails since you joined) you can email tonya@nukefic.com & I can help!
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09/05/17 02:53 pm
Congrats to Billy Magnussen (Casey) on being cast in the Aladdin movie. Nice to see so many ATWT alum doing so well!
08/16/17 09:15 pm
❤️Ten Years!❤️ Just spent a lovely time reading - and I have already spotted a couple of fics I have not read before which are next up on my reading list!
08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
08/15/17 11:12 pm
Sorry about that latest spammer, guys. I've taken every measure I can find to prevent spam & it has definitely reduced it but there doesn't seem to be a 100% fix.
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Been a while and I come in to find all these lovely layouts... and 10 year! Thanks for all the hard work.
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Name: comicgirl (Signed) · Date: February 11, 2015 07:50 pm · For: Chapter 5
loved it ..

Name: scj0710 (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2015 02:32 pm · For: Chapter 5
Just bubbling with friendship and true love and joy...as cheerful as the glow from the light dusting of snow. What a picture you create! A perfect "upper" for this Monday!

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2015 11:36 am · For: Chapter 5
Loved this chapter Faye and so glad they got that misunderstanding out of the way lol. Great to see their love and friendship has endured! Cannot wait for the last chapter! X

Name: Honeybee (Signed) · Date: February 08, 2015 06:33 pm · For: Chapter 5
Oh, how lovely. I really enjoyed this chapter, especially now that Luke is legal and they are free to be with each other.

Name: European Orchid (Signed) · Date: February 07, 2015 02:42 pm · For: Chapter 5
Such a wonderful update, Faye! I enjoyed the warmth of this chapter, not just between our boys (shining through underneath the awkwardness and misunderstanding), but in the entire atmosphere of that house full of people forming a chosen family together.

Hope RL treats you more kindly soon and you can write to your (and our!) heart's content!

Name: Seajellybaby (Signed) · Date: January 15, 2015 06:12 am · For: Chapter 3
Ha! I love this cool, confidant Noah! I guess it's the way canon Noah would have been, had his Dad been as fab as this Winston is...

By the way, I'm pleased Luke wasn't attempting suicide... Just drowning his troubles for the evening!

Name: Seajellybaby (Signed) · Date: January 15, 2015 06:06 am · For: Chapter 2
Oh Mads! NOT a cool tick to play at all! And in the meantime Luke could be in trouble. Although Kevin did deserve it! The idiot!

Name: Seajellybaby (Signed) · Date: January 15, 2015 05:01 am · For: Chapter 1
Awesome start! But OMG whatever has happened must be pretty bad! Love this "spy who loved me" approach! Always my favourite kind of Nuke story...

This is excellent writing by the way...

Name: hollyoaks1021 (Signed) · Date: January 03, 2015 02:30 am · For: Chapter 4
Love Noah for teaching Luke the skills he required for standing up to his father. Sweet scene when Noah allowed Luke to hold his hand.
Now Luke's left with his mother, I can't wait to see what happens when he meets with Noah again. Great chapter Faye.

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2015 01:01 am · For: Chapter 4
Another wonderful chapter Faye x

Name: scj0710 (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2015 07:43 pm · For: Chapter 4
Happy New Year to you, Faye! What a New Year treat this is. Thank YOU for all you do to keep Nuke alive. Luke and Noah falling so deeply in love is a gorgeous thing to experience in Proceed With Caution! The emotions you bring to Lily and Luke's relationship are amazing and very moving. Yay Lily, Luke and Brian!! What can I say about Damian except that you portray his "Damian-ness" perfectly! Looking very forward to the next chapter....

Name: European Orchid (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2015 01:32 pm · For: Chapter 4
You are definitely doing a great job at keeping Nuke alive, Faye!

I loved all the back story you're giving us in this chapter. Even if, at the same time, it broke my heart a little as I read it.

Lily and Luke standing up to Damien was also great. And I love the way our boys (well, one boy, one man, really) connected.

Chapter five, please :-)

Name: wheelie47 (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2014 06:51 am · For: Chapter 3
Great to see this here too, Faye.

I'm really enjoying this story. Original and with a bit of role reversal here too. I like it when Noah is the out and proud one. He's going to be so good for Luke... I hope!

Looking forward to more!

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2014 02:00 pm · For: Chapter 3
Another wonderful chapter Faye! I'm loving Noah in this story and feel so much for Luke. Can't wait to see what happens next!!

Name: hollyoaks1021 (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2014 01:30 pm · For: Chapter 3
Great chapter. I loved that Noah broke into Luke's motel room and Luke thought it was all a dream about what had happened. Great scene with them getting to know each other. You always write dialogue well. And now Luke is back home, Noah can't bring himself to leave him even though his assignment is over. I've a feeling Luke is going to be glad he's sticking around.

Name: European Orchid (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2014 02:18 pm · For: Chapter 3
Faye, that pajama joke cracked me up so hard, the people who were in the train compartment with me probably think I have Tourettes!

I'm really enjoying this story, it's such an original perspective. And I'm very happy the boys are starting to find each other. They both deserve some happiness, especially Luke!

Name: pwalla (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2014 09:29 am · For: Chapter 3
I am loving this story. Though I have to ask - how old is Noah? I'm guessing he can't be that much older, right? I'm messed up because I keep thinking he's a Lt. and that would make him well into his 20s post tour. I'll have to go back to Chapter 1.

Okay, babbling. Age question aside, this is such a fun mystery. I love how Noah is so capable and hot. (I love hot Noah period) And Luke getting emotionally trampled by both his father and Kevin. Broke my heart. Can't wait for Chapter 4.

Name: comicgirl (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2014 02:23 am · For: Chapter 3
love the update ..

Name: scj0710 (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2014 04:41 pm · For: Chapter 3
Loving the fireworks, emotions and passion of Luke and Noah's first meeting. Winston and Noah's father/son relationship continues to be first rate and is one of many things I am particularly enjoying in Proceed with Caution. Sorry, Faye - I am embarrassed to say I am unaware of how to award stars here - but that is something I am going to look into! Please know that you have five stars from me - totally!

Name: snuke (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2014 07:40 pm · For: Chapter 2
very good !

Name: scj0710 (Signed) · Date: December 02, 2014 07:05 pm · For: Chapter 2
Talk about emotions! From Luke's pain to Noah's strength and determination...wow! Enjoying so much how everything is coming together - and the twists and turns along the way are brilliant! Can't wait for Luke and Noah to come face-to-face. That meeting is bound to be super charged!

Name: hollyoaks1021 (Signed) · Date: December 01, 2014 11:19 pm · For: Chapter 2
Great chapter. I hope Noah finds Luke soon.

Name: European Orchid (Signed) · Date: December 01, 2014 04:15 pm · For: Chapter 2
Wow, my sweet unassuming Noah is quite the badass in this story. Really glad you let his caring side shine through near the end of this chapter.

And poor Luke! I really feel for him.

Good job, you. Looking forward to part 3

Name: Valenti1965 (Signed) · Date: December 01, 2014 12:13 pm · For: Chapter 2
As u know I totally adore this Noah!!! He is the man!!! Cant wait for next chapter Faye...hope he reaches Luke in time!!!! x

Name: hollyoaks1021 (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2014 06:21 am · For: Chapter 1
Great start. I think Luke's kidnappers or murderers had better watch out with Noah on the case. Someone who can shoot the wings off a humming bird at sixty paces is someone not to mess with.

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